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All you need to know about Samsung's Galaxy Tab S8 ultra 5G, just leaked

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

The new Galaxy Tab S7 FE (5G) "mid-ranger" just launched and it’s really similar to the tab S7 and it’s sharing a number of its major specs with the similarly premium Tab S7.

You are probably asking about the Galaxy Tab S8 family.

While there's obviously no way to verify the authenticity of this huge Naver leak, the fresh info revealed still seems reasonable and impressive.

Samsung is now reportedly working on its first-ever Ultra-branded tablet after unveiling its first Fan Edition slate. Seems odd, right?

Like the S21 Ultra, which is larger than the S21 Plus, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is even larger than the 12.4-inch Tab S8+ which is also larger than the 11-inch Tab S8.

How Big? 14.6-inch OLED display with 120Hz refresh rate technology, crazy.

It’s lighter compared to iPad Pro 12.9 inch(682 grams), 650-gram weight to be exact.

That means it’s razor-thin 5.5mm,(yes, that's even thinner than the Tab S7+), but the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra might still come with a huge 12,000mAh battery under its hood, as well as up to 12 gigs of memory and 512GB internal storage space.

Now the pricing,

The entry-level 8GB RAM/128GB ROM configuration could cost over $1,300 in South Korea, and while a Bluetooth-equipped S Pen will be included as standard, you'll have to pay even more for a new upcoming "premium" keyboard, as well as 5G cellular connectivity.

The big question: what's the "fastest next-gen" SoC coming inside this? is it theSnapdragon 888 or sequel of the sd888 or exynos 2200 with AMD GPU. That might be THE FINAL thing to judge the price tag, so it better be worth it...

Much like non-Ultra brother, the "regular-sized" Tab S8 looks set to retain most of the specs and features of tab S7. That includes LTPS TFT display and 120Hz refresh rate technology,8,000mAh battery capacity, and the same impressive 45W fast charging support, as well as a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

the Galaxy Tab S8 could cost as much as $750 in south korea,

Now the question for you is it necessary to launch an ultra Tab with that big screen real estate in the android world just to compete with the M1 powered iPad Pro 12.9 inch? Even though I want see what it’s gonna be..


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