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Android 12 coming with new visuals, stricter privacy - the biggest revamp in years

Google has just officially announced Android 12 at the opening keynote of this year's Google I/O dev summit.

Android 12 strikes us with refreshed visuals.

Android 12 will arrive later this year. The beta is available on Google's own Pixels as well as other devices from ASUS, Realme, Sharp, TCL, vivo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, and ZTE.

Android 12 design: Material You

Design is undoubtedly the biggest change in this year's android update, and this google named it 'Material You', cool!

Android has been the same since Android 5.0 lollipop. you will see a lot of colours, pastel background that make text, icons, and on-screen content pop out. The accent color will automatically changed based on the wallpaper you set for a more ‘YOU’ experience.

Thanks to a feature dubbed Color Extraction, Android will automatically determine which colors are dominant. These colours will be everywhere. the notification shade, the lock screen, the new volume controls, the new widgets and everywhere.

Google has also sprinkled tons of smooth new animations, even when you lock and unlock. It’s really cool.

The Quick Settings panel has also been revamped like every year. The brightness slider is much bolder and larger than before.

The quick settings tiles are now just four when the notification shade is half expanded. Swipe down again for four essential tiles. Google Pay and Home Controls are also two new tiles. The notifications themselves now appear over a opaque background

Android 12 privacy and security

There are new iOS-like privacy indicators in the upper right corner which will clearly indicate if your camera or microphone are being actively used by any app. Tapping on these icons will tell you the exact name of the app. Two new tiles in Quick Settings will also allow you to shut down the microphone, the camera individually,very important toggles to be honest.

Another privacy related feature is the new Privacy dashboard, which easily shows you what data is being accessed, how often and by what apps. You can also easily revoke granted app permissions.

Users will also be given the option to grant apps precise or approximate location same like IOS.

Performance Upgrades

Thanks to intricate under-the hood improvements have made Android 12 faster and more responsive with better power efficiency on top of that in comparison with Android 11. Google says the CPU time needed for core system services has been reduced by up to 22% while simultaneously reducing big cores CPU usage by the system server by up to 15%. Hopefully This will make the next gen android 12 devices even faster, smoother and efficient.


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