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Apple iPhone 14 Pro TOP 5 FEATURES

So recently apple revealed the iPhone 14 pro and 14 pro max. There are changes almost everywhere you might expect and thankfully these two do not have feature differences between each other.

So let me tell you about the top 5 features of the iPhone 14 Pro series.

First thing has to be the dynamic island, it will surely gonna become the identifying mark of modern iPhones. No there’s two ways to look at it. You can call it ugly and i wont disagree. But it also houses a new much better front camera and FACE ID system. Plus this work as a multitasking hub literally. Most notifications and small alerts usually stays a bit on your face. This will actually solve that problem. And they have custom display engine inside the A16 bionic to handle this crazy smooth animations. Depending on the notification or even the number of notification this cutout will change its shapes and it will expand without distracting while you’re on another app like when you connect your AirPods, you don’t need massive white sticker but you want to get notified. Kinda blurs the line between hardware and software. The best part is that how seamlessly it matches to the aesthetics of iOS. FACE ID Notification, controlling music, easy access to call functions. It will show you when UBER or LYFT arriving without you opening the app again and again.

The next big thing is the display, Samsung usually keeps the best display for their own devices but not this year. 6.1” iPhone 14 pro and 6.7” iPhone 14 pro max has peak HDR brightness of up to 1600nits but that not the crazy part, the automatic peak brightness under direct sunlight it can reach insane 2000nits, highest seen in any smartphones till today. On top of all these these displays are LTPO 2.0, so the refresh rate can go as low as 1Hz and as high as 120Hz. Which allows the next big feature.

Always on Display, but just like every other time it’s distinctly apple. The AOD is going to be a dimmed down Lock Screen with essential stuffs. Thanks to A16 the time widgets and live activity will always be visible. Your custom wallpapers will also get dimmed without leaving their uniqueness. Live activities don’t even need to get tapped anymore. A glance is enough.

The next big thing is the A16 bionic, unlike the standard models A15 bionic this SoC will be based on 4nm process node, means it does have more transistors about 16 billion, means its faster, powerful and efficient. Compared to A13 it is bonkers fast. As i said this SoC also has a dedicated display engine for AOD, dynamic island animations and low power mode.

Now the next big thing, the cameras, A16 bionic will use CPU, GPU, ISP and neural engine all at the same time to give you the imaging experience. This year finally iPhone 14 pro and pro max has 48MP main camera with quad pixel sensor. It is 65% larger than iPhone 13 Pro’s one. It has f/1.78 aperture, 2.44um quad pixel size, 7 element lens and 2nd gen sensor shift OIS. It will also have 2x times improvements in low light cases. The photonic engine will do the most amount of job in low light. At 2x zoom you will still get a full 12MP photo without losing any details. This 2x telephoto mode will be using the 48 main camera to do the job. Now the best part you will also be to take apple pro RAW photos that will allow you to have a full 48MP RAW photo to work on. Apple also introduced a new wide angle camera that will allow you take even better ultra wide and macro photos. Apple also introduced a new adaptive LED at the back that will adapt depending on how far the object is. iPhone 14 pro and pro max also comes with action mode that makes the video stable in such a way that it looks like you have used gimbal to do that but that too in Dolby vision HDR enabled. The cinematic can now work at up to 4K 30FPS. Which is a big thing.

Bonus feature has to be the satellite connectivity and crash detection. iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max has the same crash detection feature as the watch series 8 thanks to new high dynamic range gyroscope and dual core accelerometer. And the biggest feature would be the Emergency SOS via satellite. This feature is free for 2 years from now. It will only allow you to send messages using satellite frequencies but do keep this in mind it’s not gonna be super fast. One small message could take few secs to even few minutes. This is all possible thanks to apples custom hardwares and softwares. This feature will only work in US and Canada starting November.

Aside from that it comes with Ceramic Shield display protection, all day battery life, 1TB storage option and stainless steel build and a deep purple colour which is stunning! It’s starts at $999 and the pro max starts at $1099. Preorder starts on 9th Sept and will be available on 16th Sept.


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