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Apple is the market leader & forecast to ship 60 million iPads this year

The iPads are still the best possible tablet you can buy right now and in Western Europe it became even more hot selling during the second quarter of the year thanks to the new M1 iPad Pro.

According to the latest market data from Canalys, iPad shipments in the Western European region increased a huge 73% YoY between April and June of this year.

According to the research, M1 iPad Pro is “warmly received” in Western Europe and Apple’s market share was 36% during the quarter. The pandemic has also contributed to the boosting of Apple’s tablet market share. Nowadays iPads with magic keyboard and Apple Pencil is so great of an experience that a lot of people is replacing their laptop with iPad pros. That doesn’t mean it’s a full laptop replacement and that another topic to discuss for another time.

During the fiscal second quarter of this year, iPad sales has grown by a huge 79% year-over-year.

According to Digitimes, with the rumored launch of the budget friendly 9th-gen iPad next month, Apple could end up shipping 60 million tablets in 2021.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has already said that the new iPad mini will get "the biggest redesign". The new iPad mini will feature iPad Pro like design with thinner bezels and Touch ID on the power button. This is going to be another exciting product from Apple.


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