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Apple Watch Series 9 & Apple Watch Ultra 2: What to Expect!

apple watch series 9 and apple watch ultra

Exciting updates are on the horizon for Apple Watch enthusiasts. Leaked information and rumors provide insights into the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9 and future iterations of the popular wearable device. This article will delve into the alleged specifications and features of the Apple Watch Series 9, including new colors, a more compact form factor, and a powerful new chip. Additionally, we'll explore potential developments for the Apple Watch in 2024 and beyond, such as larger displays, improved battery life. These advancements promise to elevate the Apple Watch experience and solidify its position as a leading smartwatch in the market. Apple Watch Series 9: Colors and Design According to recent leaks, the Apple Watch Series 9 is expected to retain a similar design to its predecessor. The tipster suggests that the external appearance will remain unchanged, with the focus primarily on internal improvements. However, there will be new color options available. The aluminum case models are rumored to come in Midnight, Starlight, (PRODUCT)RED, Silver, and Pink variants. The stainless steel case models will include Gold, Graphite, and Silver options. Additionally, the packaging of the Apple Watch Series 9 is expected to be more compact, aligning with Apple's commitment to environmental sustainability. Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen: New Color The Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen, rumored to be released in 2023, is expected to feature the same design as its predecessor. However, Apple may introduce a black titanium version alongside the existing titanium option. Reputable insider Mark Gurman suggests that this new color variant will be called Space Black Titanium. Earlier prototypes of the Apple Watch Ultra included tests for a darker titanium variant, but Apple ultimately canceled those plans.

New Chip and Performance Improvements Reports indicate that the Apple Watch Series 9 will be powered by a new S9 system-on-a-chip (SoC). This chip is expected to bring significant speed improvements and better overall performance compared to the previous generation. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman suggests that the S9 chip will not be a mere rebranding of the previous generation but a completely new chip. It is speculated that the S9 chip could be based on the A15 Bionic SoC used in the iPhone 13 series. This enhanced chip is anticipated to deliver a larger performance boost than the S8 chip found in the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra models.

apple watchos 10 update

WatchOS 10: Widgets and Enhanced User Experience While the hardware design of the Apple Watch Series 9 may not see significant changes, the upcoming watchOS 10 will introduce notable software updates. watchOS 10 introduces several significant changes and feature additions for Apple Watch users:

  1. Smart Stack: A new way to interact with the watch using a group of widgets called Smart Stack. This feature automatically cycles through widgets on the watch face and can replace complications. Users can adjust widget order and cycle through them using the Digital Crown.

  2. Full-Screen App Experience: Various apps, including Music, Weather, Stocks, Home, Maps, Messages, and World Clock, have been redesigned to make better use of the larger Apple Watch display. These apps now offer a more immersive full-screen experience.

  3. New Watch Faces: watchOS 10 introduces new watch faces, including the Palette face that shifts colors with the changing time and a Peanuts face featuring Snoopy and Woodstock. However, third-party watch faces remain unavailable.

  4. Workout Views: A feature previously available on the Apple Watch, Workout Views, is now extended to the iPhone. When starting a workout on the watch, it can appear as a Live Activity on the iPhone, providing a detailed view of the workout.

  5. Waypoints Enhancement: watchOS 10 enhances Waypoints introduced in watchOS 9 by adding a Last Cellular Connection Waypoint and a Last Emergency Call Waypoint. These record the last locations where your Apple Watch connected to cellular data or a network, aiding in navigation and emergency calls.

  6. Additional Features:

  • Access the Control Center by pressing the side button.

  • Improved connectivity with more Bluetooth-enabled health accessories.

  • Apple Maps displays topographical maps in the United States.

  • The Mindfulness app allows users to log thoughts and moods on the wrist.

  • Ambient light sensor tracks outdoor time.

  • NameDrop, a contact-sharing feature from iOS 17, is available on Apple Watch.

  • Group FaceTime audio functionality is added to the Apple Watch.

apple watch ultra

Future Apple Watch Updates: Apple Watch X, Bezels, and MicroLED Looking ahead to 2024, reports suggest that Apple has major updates planned for all three Apple Watch models. The standard Apple Watch series is expected to be marketed as the "Apple Watch X" in its tenth iteration, following the successful strategy employed with the iPhone X. The Apple Watch X is rumored to come in two sizes, each featuring a larger display than the previous generation. The smaller model may have a 1.89" display, while the larger model could feature a 2.04" display. It's important to note that due to the curved design, the usable screen area will be slightly smaller. The Apple Watch SE 3 is likely to adopt the slimmer bezels seen in the current Apple Watch 8, allowing for a slightly larger display. This update will enhance the visual experience for users of the more affordable SE model. The Apple Watch Ultra is expected to receive a larger 2.13" microLED panel in 2025-2026 because of the low yielding . MicroLED technology offers improved power efficiency and durability, making it an ideal fit for a sport-focused wearable like the Ultra. The transition to a larger microLED display could further differentiate the Ultra and appeal to athletes and outdoor enthusiasts but at this moment its too costly and complicated to be inside any consumer product in Apple's lineup. Integration of Glucose Monitoring Technology Apple has reportedly achieved significant milestones in the development of a blood glucose monitoring technology for future Apple Watch models. Using optical absorption spectroscopy, the Apple Watch could potentially measure glucose levels without the need for a blood sample. While the prototype device is currently the size of an iPhone, further development is required before the technology becomes usable in wearables. Apple is determined to bring glucose monitoring to the market, and its integration into the Apple Watch could revolutionize health monitoring for users.

Conclusion The Apple Watch Series 9 and future iterations promise exciting updates and improvements for Apple Watch enthusiasts. The Series 9 is expected to bring new color options, many new features, watchfaces and a powerful new chip. The Apple Watch Ultra 2nd Gen may introduce a black titanium variant. The S9 chip in the Series 9 is anticipated to deliver significant performance improvements. The upcoming watchOS 10 will introduce widgets, enhancing customization options. Overall, these updates and advancements aim to elevate the Apple Watch experience and solidify its position as a leading smartwatch in the market. Sources: ShrimpApplePro Bloomberg Mark Gurman Ross Young Omdia


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