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Apple Watch Ultra TOP 5 FEATURES

This is not a pro watch but an ultra watch from apple made for specific people with very specific needs in mind. This according to apple is the most rugged Apple Watch ever created. So here are the top 5 features of the Apple Watch Ultra.

Now it might look square from the front but it has raised front to house flat sapphire front crystal protection to protect the display. The case is made up of titanium for durability and longevity.

The next thing is the display inside the 49mm case.with up to 2000 nits of peak brightness. Better than any smartwatches in the market.

It has two different GPS frequencies L1 and new L5 to provide most accurate GPS of any sports watches in the market.

This watch can work in variety of weather conditions like in desert.

You also gonna have a new custom compass app that allows you to see the compass infos in a better way plus it will allow you to waypoint stuffs like tents and all and this app will also allow you to backtrack in case you lost the path.

The watch also has a distinctive 86db siren you can use to alert people up to also has WR100 water resistance rating and EN13319 rating which will allow you go dive with watch. It will also show you depth of the water, water temp and under water time.

It has the biggest battery in any Apple Watch. Apple claims it will offer 36Hours of battery life and with low power mode it can go to 60 hours.

Aside from these It also comes with an exclusive watch face “wayfinder” that shows a lot of infos all at the same time like compass. It also has a night mode version too. Few cleavers designed watch bands made specifically for explorers, divers, and endurance athletes.

Customisable action button for easier access to features and apps. The Digital Crown is larger in diameter and the side buttons are raised a bit for the times when you will have gloves on. Apple added a Second speaker and 3 additional mic to help you listen louder and creates less noise in calls in windy conditions. It also has crash detection feature and temp sensing feature just like the watch series 8.

This Watch is starting at $799 and cellular is standard. Pre order is live and will be available on 24 Sept.


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