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Biggest Google Pixel 6 leak yet and more

Google may have already shown some cool look at pixel 6 and pixel 6 pro. But Evan Blass is now here to reveal even more that includes little more infos about these two devices and a better look at it. There are tonnes of images he revealed. Even though we know most of the big things, here’s some smaller ones.

first one is a second-gen pixel Stand, this is the company's second-gen wireless charging station.

In addition to a revised design, the 2021 Pixel Stand is expected to have feature support up to 23W speeds which is way better compared to last year’s slower charging speed.

Also we can take look at the next traditional power brick from Google, even though from the photos it looks like the brick will be included in the box, but there’s a big chance it will not be inside the retail box.

The last one is an case that looks somewhat chunky,but it may be available in quite a few colours.

Aside from all that, today's leaks provide a very closer look at the pixel 6. I just don’t know why they kept the thicker bezel. We can also see that facial recognition will make a comeback. So that’s kinda good.

If you wanna see all the other specs, check out my another article by clicking here.

Now according to Leakster AI that there will be Google Pixel Fold, as well as a Pixel Watch sharing the stage with the new phones. The other possible appearance is of a Google Pixel Tab to complete the ecosystem. But we haven’t heard too much about the pixel watch and not at all about the pixel tab and on top of that Pixel Tab isn’t as exciting as Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Maybe that’s the reason. Anyway it will be great if they introduce Pixel Tablet as well.

Google's first foldable phone is expected to sport a 7.6" Samsung' display, Tensor chipset, and the Pixel 6 cameras but I have very little hope that this foldable is coming in this event but rather we might see a teaser. Same goes for the Pixel Watch but Google might just surprise us.


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