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Color options for the Galaxy S23 range leaked and ..

The Galaxy S22 series comes in a wide variety of colours, but reports claim that the Galaxy S23 series will only be offered in four hues, and new official-looking photographs appear to support that claim.

The S22 series comes in a variety of colours, including White, Pink Gold, Sky Blue, Burgundy, and Red. However, having too many colour options might unnecessarily complicate purchasing decisions. At the end of the day, colours don't really matter because the majority of us put covers on our phones.

SnoopyTech has published some images of the Galaxy S23 that are likely to show off all the available colours. A few days ago, tipster Ahmed Qwaider said that the Galaxy S23 will be offered in black, cream, green, and lavender. Reliable leaker Ross Young had previously disclosed that the device would be offered in black, beige, green, and light pink. Phantom Black, Cotton Flower, Misty Lilac, and Botanic Green are the marketing names for the hues, according to SnoopyTech and a Korean site. Phantom Black, Botanic Green, and Cotton Flower are cheerful, casual colours, while Misty Lilac and Phantom Black offer a more formal feel.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra will maintain the boxy design of its predecessor, while the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus will have rounder corners. Early in February is when Samsung is anticipated to introduce the Galaxy S23 series. A leak from a few days ago said that the S23 will be switching from a 128GB basic storage configuration to a 256GB one. In a tweet, tipster Roland Quandt, has now revealed more details and said that the 128GB version is here to stay. 128GB base internal storage is a great given Samsung's desire to make its flagship portfolio more competitive in the premium smartphone market, it would have made a lot of sense. On top of everything else this year Samsung will use UFS 4.0 Storage. So newer tech will be costly anyway.


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