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Fans demanding Samsung to make Note series every year

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

After literally 10 years Samsung for the first will not make a note flagship and fans are evidently not happy.

The Galaxy Note fan base is very strong and loyal to note devices. To me Samsung is taking a big gamble on its smartphone strategy by not releasing a Galaxy Note this year. They could even face big criticism for this.

Some reports had also claimed that the decision was forced by the global chip shortage. Later, Samsung said the Next range would be back in 2022, but a recent blog post on the company's site says they are bringing S pen support more & more device which was the most exclusive feature of note series. That clearly indicates something.

A petition has now been started by SamMobile to force Samsung to release a Galaxy Note phone next year

instead of the Galaxy S22 series. They also have a cool idea: alternate Galaxy S and Galaxy Note launches each year to keep everyone happy.

But I also have an idea why not to skip the S22 ultra or future S series Ultra models and replace it with a Note Device. As the note ultra and S series ultra devices have very little differences. It will be happy for everyone.

The petition has more than 21000 signatures on it so far including mine.

At 25,000 signatures, this petition will become one of the top signed one.

Even though the S21 Ultra or even the upcoming Z Fold 3 supports the S Pen, they don’t have a built-in slot for the stylus. You need to buy a bulky case to carry the s pen.

you can watch my latest episode on z fold 3


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