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First Look at the galaxy Z Fold 5

Although the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is not anticipated to release before August, there have been more leaks about it recently. We saw a story over the weekend claiming that the phone will use innovative hinge technology to enable flat folding and reduce creasing. Samsung reportedly displayed a folding prototype at CES 2023, proving the rumours to be accurate. With its U-shaped hinge, the Galaxy Z Fold 4's screen is curved tightly and has a little gap when it is folded. Competitors like Oppo and Huawei, on the other hand, employ a waterdrop hinge that allows for a chamber to store the screen and allows for a fully closed smartphone.

Samsung reportedly thought that such a design would affect the device's endurance, but the firm now seems to have discovered a solution to overcome that disadvantage. You might like this:

According to a South Korean site, a Samsung executive is holding the Fold 4 in one hand and the Fold 5 in the other. Samsung reportedly displayed a foldable prototype with a waterdrop hinge at the tech conference, according to Naver (via @GaryeonHan). The media outlet published a photo that compares the Fold 4 and the rumoured Fold 5 prototypes. True to reports, the display's two parts are now flat against one another. The smartphone appears to be lighter and slimmer as well, according to Naver, which conflicts with a recent rumor but supports an earlier claim.

The new design, which Samsung called it as a "dumbbell hinge," should also enable a much smaller, scarcely perceptible crease. The Fold 5 prototype in the image appears too thin for a S Pen slot, though it's difficult to tell from the image alone. Despite the fact that this is only a prototype and the final product is still far off, we shouldn't rule out the reports that Samsung's next book-style foldable would include a holster for the pen. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is believed to power the Galaxy Z Fold 5, which may also sport updated cameras. The finest foldable phone of 2023 may be made possible by these modifications.


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