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Forget the iPhone 13, look at the iPhone 14 - major redesign

The iPhone 13 is scheduled to be announced on September 14, but hey man we have already news from Jon Prosser that reveals the whole design of the Apple’s 2022 iPhone 14 Pro Max. Yes, i know its crazy but its reality.

The biggest ever redesign we saw last time with the launch of iPhone X. Even though iPhone 12 series got a redesign too but not a huge one. The next-generation iPhone 14 however will be so different that it will not even resemble the notch iPhones at all. Say Hi, to a punch hole cutout, similar to most of androids.

So it is also Confirming that under-screen camera technology is reserved for maybe iPhone 15 or later. But I think its fine to have Punch hole instead of notch, but many will also dislike the fact that it will look like any other android smartphones.

It's also unclear where the Face ID setup is. Is it under the screen or maybe it's being removed entirely in favor of under-screen Touch ID, which is also rumoured to come inside future iPhones. But I don’t think apple will remove the Face-ID in the future.

In addition to these changes, Apple is reportedly planning to introduce titanium construction replacing the stainless steel one. Much like the iPhone 4, released in 2010, the iPhone 14 Pro Max could use circular buttons on the side, which will be really cool looking. Not just that, to make it look like iPhone 4, Apple is also planning to remove the bump entirely by making the phone slightly thicker and going with a completely flat look.

Don’t ask about the specs but i can say it will be powered by Apple’s A16 chip. It looks like the Lightning port is still gonna stay there at the bottom, no USB-C. There were rumours in the past that Apple will remove the port completely and make the the future iPhones port-less. But maybe not with this one. Leaker Jon Prosser claims to have seen images of the gold model.

Now its very much possible that some of the designs could change. But his source believes that even though it's a very early unit, so dimensions and colors may change but the overall design will look like this for the production model. Jon has a good track record, he has also revealed the iPad mini 6 redesign and watch series 7 redesign coming at the next event most probably. We will see how good Jon’s source is. I don’t have doubts that much considering he has leaked the Pixel 6 details and photos long before Google’s Official announcement.


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