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Galaxy S22 FE powered by Exynos 2300 does exist after all

Updated: Jan 6

The Galaxy S21 FE was finally released in early January after several rumored delays, but there has been much uncertainty regarding it's successor thus far, with the most recent rumours raising doubts about its existence. A recent rumour claims that the Galaxy S22 FE will soon be released.

It was first reported that a MediaTek chipset will power the S22 FE in March. Later speculations claimed that the product had been postponed but

Samsung was secretly developing the S22 FE.

According to leaker @OreXda and well-known tipper Dohyun Kim, the Galaxy S22 FE and Galaxy Buds 2 Live should be released shortly.

The Galaxy S22 FE will come with the Exynos 2300 processor.

A few days ago, it was rumoured that Samsung could discontinue the mid-tier Galaxy A7x series and that the Galaxy A74 wouldn't exist. Separately, rumours circulated that even though Samsung was developing the Exynos 2300 processor, the Galaxy S23 series would not be powered by it.

Now, it all becomes apparent what those rumours were about. Yesterday, new leaker @RGcloudS claimed that the Galaxy A74 would be replaced with the S22 FE. They said that the phone would include a 108MP camera and be powered by the Exynos 2300 SoC.

This would be a significant improvement over the Galaxy S21 FE, which features a primary sensor with a resolution of 12MP. Additionally, RGcloudS hinted that the Galaxy S22 FE will cost roughly $500, which is similar to the A73, which was only released in a few regions. For comparison, the Galaxy S21 FE had a $700 beginning price but everyone suggested to buy it at deal because of that.

We haven't yet seen a single solid leak about the Galaxy S22 FE, and we all know that Samsung isn't the best at keeping secrets, so it's best to treat these leaks with a grain of salt.



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