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Galaxy Z Fold 3 under-display camera as good as standard ones, but there’s a catch..

Source: jointheavid

Galaxy Z Fold 3, will feature an under-display camera, it’s not official but kinda official. Yes it will still feature an infinite O cutout on the cover display.

Oppo and Xiaomi have also demonstrated their versions of the tech but in the form of concept. Samsung has reportedly been working on under panel cameras for years and we will finally get to see it in action this year with the Z Fold 3.

According to Ice universe, we can expect Galaxy Z Fold 3's under-display camera to offer better results than the implementations seen so far mainly the ZTE axon device.

Source: ice universe Twitter

How it works? a small screen area with lower resolution than the main screen to allow light to get through those pixels to the camera sensor.

As per Ice universe, Galaxy Z Fold 3's under-display camera has a higher light transmittance than the solutions we have seen so far, which simply means better image quality. In another tweet, the insider has said the camera is about as good as conventional snappers. Now that’s great.

But there is still a trade-off. The tipster has indicated that the camera is not properly hidden, at least how we are expecting, which means you can see where the camera actually is, not prominently but ya.

That's to be expected with new 1st gen commercially available technology, next gen will be bettter anyway.

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