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Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 XL leaks revealing important new details

Recently we saw a tonnes of leaks regarding the specs of the both Pixel 6 and 6XL/Pro

Now, some more details about the devices’ screens and selfie cameras have surfaced. The information was taken directly from the Google Camera app.

9to5Google has managed to figure out the resolutions of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro/XL screens. The Pixel 6 will feature 1080p display and the Pixel 6 XL/Pro

Will feature a 1440p one.

The code that reveals these details also shows us that the hole punch cutout for the Pixel 6 will be smaller compared to the pixel 5 & The Pixel 6 XL/Pro will have a larger one.

Rumors and leaked renders have already indicated that the Pixel 6 XL/Pro will come with a triple camera system, which includes 50MP main sensor and 12MP ultra-wide unit,and a 48MP telephoto unit, and another leak indicating it's going to be an 8MP periscope unit.

A special “p21_front_setup” feature in the code further reveals that the Pixel 6 XL’s front-facing camera will be capable of 4K video recording, but not the pixel 6 maybe.

One unusual thing is that there are even signs that a dedicated selfie flash LED could be included. Which isn’t that common nowadays. But it will be helpful nonetheless, if it’s coming.

Google’s Pixel 6 Series will also supposedly offer a 7x digital zoom when recording 60fps video. But I’m still hoping that we will get to know even more about the periscope system soon.

As for the specs, Google seems to be going all out. they are going to have their own custom chipset, which is a chipset made in collaboration with Samsung.

The new Pixels are also rumored to get 120Hz screens, in-display fingerprint scanners and better storage & RAM options.

You can check out my Recent TheAlarm Episode on Pixel 6 & 6 XL/Pro.



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