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Google Pixel 6 pro Teardown - Google is doing the same as Apple? Poor Design Choices

Recently an YouTube Creator named Hugh did a good tear down of the pixel 6 pro.

He is also one of the creators who repeatedly exposed how much Apple is trying to be against third party repairs at least for iPhones. He did the same with the pixel 6 pro. I will come back to anti repair thing later though.

The first thing you can see is that the phone is only openable from the front like iPhones rather than Samsungs which are totally opposites. Same like iPhones the screen opens from the left side of the phone like a book. But the flex cable is placed in a way, he said its hard to detach from the logic board. Even though he found a way but it’s unnecessarily complicated. On top of that literally, on top of the flex cable it has a bracket on top. Not a big thing.

To be honest as much as i love the exterior of the phone, the interior is not so good looking but that doesn’t matter to anyone. Still, its a thing. On top the battery and main parts of the logic board are few graphite sheets and the heat sink.

But there’s a big design flaw mainly for the repairs, the battery connector is hidden under the heat sink. That means even if you wanna replace the screen you need to remove the heat sinks and the graphite sheets just to disconnect the battery. If you don’t know disconnecting the battery is very much necessary even when anyone is replacing the screen. Cause the connected battery can cause many issues when connecting or reconnecting the display to the logic board.

The camera module replacement is very simple. But removal of the battery is very odd to be honest according to the creator. The pull tab is a plastic warp around the battery. He couldn’t even figure out how to use it to remove the battery from its place without damaging. On top of that google has used very powerful adhesive, so he had to use pry tools. Again not a good design choice.

Then he explained another thing, the back housing has a lot if components attached to it even the wireless charging module. That means if anything goes wrong and you break the back glass then it doesn’t look like its easy task for anyone. Even though its stil not out how much google will charge to replace the rear glass.

But hopefully google will not ask the same amount as apple does. But its stil a very complicated and profitable (for google) design choice. Which is either way bad for any consumers.

The Next poor design choice is that the USB C Port, microphones and Proximity sensors are soldered onto the logic board. Now if something goes wrong with the USB C port, just imagine the hassles for third party repair shops.

Luckily it doesn’t have FACE ID, but hey it does have a under display fingerprint scanner which is paired with the display. But fortunately google has provided a solution when anyone replacing the screen which will stop the fingerprint scanner from working.

There’s also a big catch, even though google has a website you can visit and connect the pixel to that computer and follow the steps inside the browser it will pair the scanner with display and will make the fingerprint start working again. But keep this in mind this is all done through browser which seems very much of non complicated process but what if google stop providing the service, shuts down the website. What will we do then? So more or less its like the story of Apple and their Face ID. That’s the world we are living in, we can’t do anything about it. Again thanks to the creator.


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