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Google Pixel 8 Pro Battery and charging upgrades are here

Updated: Jul 5

Pixel devices are always known for their best in class camera features. But even though Google has revamped the Pixel lineups in both Hardware and software, they still couldn't provide a great battery and charging experience. But this might just change(slightly) this year with their upcoming Google pixel 8 and Pixel 8 pro.

The current Pro has a slightly faster maximum speed of 23W for recharging its larger 5,000mAh cell (which has a rated capacity of 4,926mAh), the Pixel 7 supports 20W wired charging for its 4,355mAh battery (which has a rated capacity of 4,270mAh). The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 5,000mAh battery and supports 45W charging.

According to reports, the Pixel 8 might support 24W charging and have a larger battery with a rated capacity of 4,485mAh(typical battery capacity might be 4500mAh)

The Pro should support 27W wired charging and have a 4,950mAh battery(Typical battery capacity will be 5000mAh).

Even if those seem like minor upgrades, the phones' longer battery life should be apparent because of the Tensor G3 chip's increased power efficiency. As for the specs of the Tensor G3, the SoC will have nine cores configured as 1+4+4 and will go by the codename Zuma. Four Cortex-A715 performance CPU cores with a clock speed of 2.45GHz and four Cortex-A510 efficiency CPU cores with a clock speed of 2.15GHz will make up this, together with one Cortex-X3 prime CPU core operating at 3.0GHz.

The Mali-G715 GPU from Arm, which powers the Tensor 3, may have 10 cores as compared to the Mali-G710 GPU's 7 in the Tensor 2. As a result, ray tracing may enable gamers to experience more lifelike lighting, reflections, and shadows.

Leaker also disclosed that the forthcoming Google phones would support the more recent Wi-Fi 7 standard, which

means faster speeds and less latency.

The non-Pro variant will continue to lack the functionality while the Pixel 8 Pro could introduce an enhanced UWB model. The Pixel 8 pair may also be offered in four additional markets, including Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and Portugal, increasing the total number of nations in which the phones are officially sold to 21.

The Pixel 8 series will have massively improved cameras, major upgrades in displays, and an additional USB DisplayPort mode(DeX like feature is expected)

Sorce: Kamila Wojciechowska


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