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‘Google Pixel Roll’ & ‘Pixel Fold’ expected towards the end of this year, claims Tipster

Source: Jointheavid

Reputable tipster Ross Young has kinda confirmed that we might actually see a rollable phone from Google.but not in the next 12 months.

In his Tweet, he claims the Pixel Fold will come towards the end of 2021. In terms of specs, design, or prices, very little is known about these two devices at the moment.

Pixel fold will sport a 7.6-inch display made by Samsung. The technology used will most likely be AMOLED with at least FHD+ resolution, while the aspect ratio might be similar to the one of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which is close to 1:1. It is expected production of the panel to start around October of 2021.

The foldable phone will also use Samsung's ultra-thin glass display tech.

Google isn’t the only company that choses Samsung for their foldable plans. Xioami and Vivo are also using samsung foldable display tech for their own foldable devices.

On the Google Pixel Roll side we only know its coming. Not even the final name. Oppo has teased its rollable phone, named Oppo X 2021, this is just a concept smartphone and it features a retractable OLED display paired with a proprietary Roll Motor powertrain.

The LG Rollable is already dead even before any kinda visual feature.

Google will soon release the Pixel 6, while the affordable Pixel 5a is expected to hit the market even sooner than the flagship Pixel 6.

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