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iPhone 15 series will have these Major changes

iPhone 15 Plus Concept render
iPhone 15 Plus Concept render

The information, which was provided by a Foxconn employee to the Chinese website IT Home, specifies the precise battery sizes for each of the four new models. In particular, it indicates that the standard 6.1" iPhone 15 model, which has a roughly 18% bigger battery, would have the greatest improvement, while the Pro Max will get a 12% battery gain but that also has a bigger battery already. If this turns out to be true, this might be the single most significant upgrade for the upcoming iPhone 15 family. However, the source gives this rumour an 80% possibilitiy rate, so take it how you want.

If you don't know that the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro Max have been the clear champions in terms of battery life among all the phones in the market. So if we get this type of battery boost paired with a chipset that is far more efficient in the form of A17 bionic, it will be a insanely great. iPhone 15 series battery size:

  • iPhone 15 — 3,877 mAh (+18% up from 3,279 mAh on 14)

  • iPhone 15 Pro —3,650 mAh (+14% up from 3,200 mAh on 14 Pro)

  • iPhone 15 Plus — 4,912 mAh (+14%up from 4,325 mAh on 14 Plus)

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max — 4,852 mAh(+12% up from 4,323 mAh on 14 Pro Max)

As you can see, these are significant upgrades, particularly for the standard iPhone 15 model, which may have a battery that is larger than the one found in the iPhone 12 Pro Max from a few years ago, Crazy!

While we're talking about battery life, it's important to note that the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are said to employ Apple's new A17 Bionic 3nm (N3B process) technology, which is supposed to provide a 35% increase in power efficiency. The N3B processing node is exclusively for Apple. This year, we anticipate that the non-Pro versions will include the Dynamic Island and a 48MP Wide main camera sensor on the back. The action button will take the place of the mute switch on the Pro versions, which will be a solid state button. Also the iphone 15 Pro and Iphone 15 Pro Max will have titanium frames instead of stainless steel. According to rumours, all four iPhone 15 variants will have a USB-C connector in place of the previous, proprietary Lightning port but with different capabilities like USB 2.0 USB-C port for the standard models but thunderbolt USB-C Port for the pro and pro max models. it's conceivable that this change may also result in somewhat quicker charging speeds but that’s hope at this moment.

According to the expert Jeff Pu, Apple will produce 84 million devices in the second half of this year. This is about 12% rise over the quantity of iPhone 14 units created in the second half of the previous year. It also makes clear that Apple is quite confident that this year will see increased demand for the iPhone 15 series. A significant portion of active iPhone customers (estimated at 25%) who haven't updated to a new model in the previous four years is responsible for such way of thinking. Many of these iPhone customers are anticipated by some experts to be in the market for a new iPhone this year or later. Pu predicts that Apple will increase the price of its top-tier device from the $1,099 starting price that the Pro Max models have had since the first Max model (the iPhone Xs Max), introduced in 2018.

The 128GB iPhone 15 Pro Max would cost $1,299 as a result. However, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will include a function that it won't share with the iPhone 15 Pro, unlike prior models. A periscope lens will be used in this as "exclusive Pro Max feature" to boost the optical zoom from 3x to as much as 6x. This periscope unit actually costs a lot because of comparatively low Yielding rates. According to another leak, it's probable that Blue will join Silver, Space Gray/Space Black, and Titanium Grey as the final colours that customers may choose from when ordering an iPhone 15 Pro series model. The colours that have been suggested for the non-Pro iPhone 15 models thus far are Bright Pink, Bright Blue, and Green. Surely black and white or othershade if these two will also be there as usual. The iPhone 15 range is anticipated to debut from Apple in September. Source: 9to5Google IT Home


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