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Just $330 will get you a 512GB Galaxy S23 Ultra.

We are officially less than a week away from the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup. Next Wednesday, the Korean tech giant’s flagship series for 2023 will finally be revealed. Roland Quandt, a well-known tech tipster, has revealed yet another leak that suggests Samsung is raising the price of the Galaxy S23 in at least in the European Union. Quandt has previously disclosed data on retail prices in Denmark and Spain. All S23 models reportedly cost more than the models from last year in all pf those markets, by roughly $100 to $120.

S23 pricing from a Spanish retailer: S23 8/128 959 Euro S23 8/256 1019 Euro S23+ 8/256 1209 Euro S23+ 8/512 1329 Euro S23 Ultra 8/256 1409 Euro S23 Ultra 12/512 1589 Euro While the exact pricing may vary across the EU due to various local VAT & stuffs, one thing is nearly certain: the Galaxy S23 will make the purchase decision a little harder for the Europeans fans. In South Korea, the country where Samsung is based a similar circumstance is anticipated. You might like this:

The United States is the only nation where there is evidence that the prices will stay the same. Samsung has historically tried to provide its products at comparable prices in all major markets, so this would be a somewhat odd move on the company's behalf. The Galaxy S23 prices in US

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra price: $1199.99 (256GB)

  • Samsung Galaxy S23+ price: $999.99 (256GB)

  • Samsung Galaxy S23 price: $799.99 (128GB)

Now that we know for sure, we can predict that the Galaxy S23 will cost more in the EU and, most likely, the UK. Coincidentally, because of weak peformance of the euro and the pound in late 2022, Apple has also increased pricing in both areas with the iPhone 14 series. Although Apple has typically set its prices with the US market in mind, Samsung Don't usually. But Customers may pre-order the company's next-generation "vanilla" flagship with 256 gigabytes of internal storage for the same price as a 128GB model. Meanwhile, the 512GB variants of the Galaxy S23+ and S23 Ultra will be priced the same as 256GB models, making the storage increase a complete no-brainer. Of course, these delicious pre-order offers will not continue forever, maybe till February 16, when all Galaxy S23 family pricing are anticipated to return to "normal" pricing. During pre-order period:

  • £849 - Galaxy S23 with 256GB storage and 8GB RAM

  • £1059 - Galaxy S23 Plus in 512GB/8GB RAM configuration

  • £1279 - Galaxy S23 Ultra with 512 gigs of storage and 12 gigs of memory

Fans who pre order the Galaxy S23, S23+, or S23 Ultra could receive a free set of Galaxy Buds Pro 2 noise-canceling headphones on top of the free storage upgrades in certain markets. Galaxy S23 Ultra preorder trade-in deals to expect(speculation)

  • $590 for a Galaxy S22 Ultra

  • $500 for a Galaxy S22+

  • $390 for a Galaxy S22

  • $440 for a Galaxy S21 Ultra

Will a Galaxy S23 upgrade be worth it? Given the powerful new 200MP camera sensor and the custom overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy SoC, the Galaxy S23 Ultra's $1200 launch price point is really very good if you're upgrading from anything other than the S22 Ultra in the US. In case You're thinking of upgrading from the basic 128GB S22 Ultra, it now comes with 256GB out of the box, and a free upgrade from Samsung will triple your base capacity for the same price. That simply means You can effectively buy a fully equipped Galaxy S23 Ultra 512GB for just $330 if you deduct $590 from the price for the trade-in and the Buds Pro 2 at a value of $229.99 and throw in at least $50 in preorder reservation bonus for a case or a fast charger.



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