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Leaked Galaxy Watch 6 Classic images revealed a lot

After seeing promotional photographs for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5, German website Win Future has just released images and information about the Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic.

The famous rotating bezel that was absent from the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro model last year would be restored, as many rumours had predicted. The device looks to have narrower bezels than the current watch classic 4 version and will be offered in two sizes, 43mm and 47mm. It is anticipated to only be available in black and silver, and to feature a leather strap.

The standard model will reportedly come in the same 40 or 44mm sizes as before, but it will have somewhat larger OLED displays. According to an earlier rumour, the 44mm model would have a 1.47-inch display, while the tiny variant will have a 1.31-inch screen. The screen estate should grow noticeably because it appears that the bezels have also been reduced. There are three colour choices: black, silver, and beige.

The new Samsung Exynos W930 processor, which is anticipated to be around 10% quicker than the one powering the Watch 5 and Watch 4, will be found within the Watch 6 pair.

The new watches are rumoured to feature somewhat bigger batteries as well, although we anticipate little change in charging times. 2GB Ram and 16GB will be standard on all the models.

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

43mm 300mAh (Graphite-Silver)

47mm 425mAh (Graphite-Silver)

Galaxy watch 6

40mm 300mAh (Graphite-Gold)

44mm 425mAh (Graphite-Silver)

Samsung has all but confirmed that the watch would be able to detect Atrial fibrillation, often known as Afib, which is an abnormal heartbeat. Other information are still being kept under wraps.


  • 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 (Bluetooth): €319

  • 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 (LTE): €369

  • 44mm Galaxy Watch 6 (Bluetooth): €349

  • 44mm Galaxy Watch 6 (LTE): €399

As usual, the physical rotating bezel commands a higher price

The Korean tech giant also plans to revive the Classic smartwatch series and release two Galaxy Watch 6 Classic models. Reportedly (via Dealabs), they will be available in two color options, black and silver, for the following prices:

  • 43mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (Bluetooth): €419

  • 43mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (LTE): €469

  • 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (Bluetooth): €449

  • 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (LTE): $499

One UI 5 on Watch will provide its watches a more customised and user-friendly health experience and new and more customisable watchfaces. It will have updated SOS functionality, customised heart rate zones, and new sleep tracking capabilities.

On July 26, Samsung is rumoured to hold its Galaxy Unpacked event where it will introduce its new foldables, tablets, and Watch 6 pair.


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