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More Pixel 7 owners are discovering a broken back camera lens

The Google Pixel 7 could be the finest smartphone to launch in 2022 because to its incredible pricing, but a problem is surfacing for a rising number of consumers in which the camera glass breaks for no apparent reason.

The glass covering the camera module on the Pixel 7 is breaking abruptly and without apparent cause for some customers.

In most instances, the damage is essentially the same; a hole that is exposing the lens. That's unfortunate because the camera on Pixel phones is one of their best features.

It looks that more users are approaching with the same issue. However, the exact cause is still unclear. The ordinary Pixel 7 appears to be the source of the bulk of concerns, however some Pixel 7 Pro customers are also reporting issues. The glass that covers the primary camera sensor on both Pixel 7 versions breaks. Technically, the camera is still capable of operating in this condition, but the lens might likely suffer damage relatively rapidly.

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The most recent Pixel devices, according to Google, are made to function best in environments with temperatures between 32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (0 and 35 degrees Celsius). The temperature range for storage is between -4 and 113 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 and 45 degrees Celsius). According to some users, even after being in the zone is doing this. so no proper explanation is there as of now. It's also not know how widespread of an issue is this as of now.

Google has given certain Pixel 7 owners new devices when their camera bar broke. but some didn't. So if you're facing anything like this contact google first. i will definitely keep an eye on this.


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