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Pixel 6 will be will be cheap?

Just today, an Amazon listing revealed that the Pixel 6 Pro will start at £849 (~$1,167) in the UK, now we have a leak showing US Price.

According to the past leaks that the vanilla Pixel 6 would be priced at around $749 to $850, and the Pro would cost somewhere between $1,049 and $1,099.

According to Evan Lei,

Target staff has reportedly said that the Pixel 6 will start at $599, and the Pixel 6 Pro at $898

The same prices are being shown in Target's inventory system, according to Brandon Lee.

If that will be the final price, at $599 the pixel 6 will be cheaper than the pixel 5($699) now for a context, Apple iPhone 13 mini starts at $699 and the Samsung Galaxy S21 starts at $799.

And the base model (128GB) Pro with $898 price tag will rival phones like iPhone 13 pro max and Galaxy S21 Ultra. For comparison, the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1,099 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra starts at $1,199.

Even though this pricing seems very insanely affordable but I have very little hope that this will be the case. But still if google does price them at cheap the these two will win people’s heart like crazy.

Google will reportedly also offer four major OS updates and five years of security support. So these two phones are gonna be really a smart choice for many.

If you wanna everything about the duo then check out this video and definitely do subscribe.


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