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Pixel 7a leaked video confirms a 90Hz refresh rate & 8GB of RAM

Only recently did reportedly authentic images of a Pixel 7a design validation test (DVT) find their way online and onto a Facebook group. but now we have a video of the same unit as well.

Even while video appears wobbly and grainy, we at least get to see some information (Slashleaks).

There is a toggle for a 90Hz refresh rate shown in the video. Hoorah! It's fantastic to see this one be confirmed because leakers have been debating it for a while. now this is still expected to be a fixed refresh rate display not LTPO panel like the Pixel 7 pro.

Typically, DVT units of this sort are used to display a completed design. This leak reconfirms the past renders by onleaks and makes it clear that the phone will closely resemble the pixel 7.

It is anticipated that the camera would be improved over prior Pixel phones. In comparison to the 50MP and 12MP of the Pixel 7 and the 12.2MP and 12MP of the Pixel 6a, rumours point to a 64MP primary sensor and a 13MP wide camera on the pixel 7a.

It will be insanely cool, at least in terms of specs, and on top of that, it will be powered by a Tensor G2 SoC, which basically means that it will technically have all of the camera processing and functionality of the Pixel 7.

We can see the Pixel 7a will have 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage thanks to @chunvn8888.

A typical entry-level internal storage option is the 128GB which can be seen here as well. However, the 8GB of RAM is simply another example of how much of an upgrade the Pixel 7a will be. This year, it appears like Google is really cranking up their midrange game.



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