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Alleged iPhone 13 Pro case shows off even bigger camera bumps than 12 pro

An image shared on UnclePanPan’s Weibo account (via DuanRui) shows the smaller

An iPhone 12 Pro inside a case designed specifically for the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro.

It seems the iPhone 12 pro fits perfectly inside the case but it also clearly shows that the rear camera cutout for the iPhone 13 pro is significantly larger. If you look properly, the camera bump will occupy most of the top half of the iPhone 13 Pro’s rear panel.

One big reason for the larger iPhone 13 Pro cameras should be the introduction of sensor-shift stabilisation technology is likely to bring stabilization to all cameras on the iPhone 13 line.

And top of that Apple is also working on camera sensor upgrades for the iPhone 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max, Even though the module seems way bigger compared to 12 pro max but overall it has the same Camera layout.


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