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Apple iPad Pro 2022’s M2 chip could be built using the 4nm process node

The Apple M1 chip is revolutionary in computer world. This is Built by TSMC using its 5nm fabrication process. The M1 is based on ARM's architecture like apples own A series SoCs like A14 used in latest iPhones and all.

Apple is reportedly working on a next gen of the M1 that will be called the M2. Again it will be built by TSMC using its more advanced 4nm process node. More transistor per square mm means more powerful and more energy-efficient chip. So It will be much more powerful and energy-efficient than its predecessor according to Ming-Ching Kuo.

When it’s coming? It might debut on the next redesigned MacBook Air.

The M2 could be equipped with 10 CPU cores. The M1 has 8 CPU cores, 4 high-performance cores and 4 energy-efficient cores.

As for the GPU cores, past rumours saying that the M1X will be equipped with as many as 32 cores will be powering pro level Macs. The M2 however will not have that many GPU cores by the way. With that this chip might also power the next-gen iPad Pro (2022) but that’s my speculation.

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