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Apple wants to sell the iPhone and iPad inside LG's Korean stores

Source: Apple

LG will exit the smartphone market next month. Business Korea reports that Apple is in negotiations with LG about creating a dedicated Apple area inside LG’s empty retail stores that would sell iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch.

LG has over 400 stores in South Korea that sell all the LG products including TVs, laptops and all.

Because they sell LG laptops which is a competitive product to apple’s MacBooks, LG is refusing Apple’s request to also sell Mac computers and MacBooks inside the dedicated Apple area.

A spokesperson for LG said it’s “exploring all possibilities” but “nothing has been decided yet.”

The local smartphone market is dominated by Samsung, with a market share of over 60% according to StatCounter. The iPhone has only 25% and LG has 6%. If Apple can absorb the LG market share, it would make a big impact on the South Korean market.

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