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Apple Watch Ultra with microLED delayed until 2025

Ross Young, a well-known expert in the display sector, predicts that the Apple Watch Ultra's switch to micro LED won't happen until 2025, which MacRumors then reported in an article.

In the past it leaks said that the first micro LED Apple Watch Ultra was supposed to be available as early as 2024. However, this latest leak suggests that additional significant upgrades to the Apple Watch Ultra are not imminent. It should be emphasized that micro LED technology has a number of advantages that make a sport-focused rugged wearable like the Ultra a good fit for it.

This specifically can increase power efficiency and robustness. It makes sense to be excited for Micro LED given that the costly Apple Watch Ultra's outstanding battery life and resistance to the weather are key selling advantages. Furthermore, earlier speculations claimed that the new microLED display will also be a little bit bigger. A larger screen might further distinguish the Ultra and increase its demand to athletes and outdoor adventurers, who appear to be the apple watch ultra's main target market.

Fortunately, the Apple Watch Ultra is already an outstanding device. FEATURED:

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