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AT&T pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is here

Well, there you go. On the official website of one of Samsung's largest US retail partners, you can find (almost) all the important information about the Galaxy S23 series

The official Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra pricing in the US are as follows.

  • $799.99 and up - S23

  • $999.99 and up - S23+

  • $1,199.99 and up - S23 Ultra

If those numbers sound familiar, it may be because Samsung appears to have no price increases planned for the Galaxy S23 portfolio compared to the S22 series from last year.

Galaxy S23 specs and features from AT&T website:

  • 6.6-inch "automatic adaptive" display

  • 5.76 x 2.79 x 0.3 inches dimensions

  • 5.93 ounces weight

  • "Crystal-clear" 50MP rear camera

  • Advance Nightography

  • IP68 water resistance

  • 5G support

  • Wireless fast charging

  • Android OS

  • Mobile hotspot support, Bluetooth, and GPS

  • Green, cream, lavender, and phantom colors

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