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Check out Stunning renders of Huawei's 2021 p50 5G flagship phone line

Source: RODENT950 Twitter

Huawei's first flagship phone of any year has been the "P" series. Usual timeline was January to the end of March.

But thanks to the restrictions placed by the U.S on Huawei., the P50 series has been delayed.

Twitter tipster (@RODENT950) posted renders of the new p50 series. The range consists of three models the P50 Pro Plus, P50 Pro and the P50. The P50 series will be the first flagship line shipped by Huawei with unlicensed Android.

Huawei cannot use the Google Mobile Services (GMS) version of Android. And with Huawei still on the Entity List, the company cannot access its U.S. supply chain without a special license.

Also last year’s US export rule change prevented Huawei from receiving chips produced by foundries using American-made tech that means most of the foundries that are using advanced processing nodes.

Huawei has its own mobile ecosystem called Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) that is growing. it also has been attracting a fast growing number of developers but is it enough! I don’t think so.

Huawei ended up selling its Honor sub-unit reportedly for $15 billion. As a result, instead of finishing the year as the number one smartphone provider in the world. They are way at the bottom and going down everyday.

The P50 series is expected to be powered by Huawei's HarmonyOS, an operating system developed by Huawei that can be used on various devices including cars and IOT devices and what not. Huawei already released the Mate X2 foldable device, the Mate 50 line will come after the p50 series launch.

The new renders are quite similar to P50 series renders Leaked already. The P50 Pro is rumored to feature a 6.6-inch qHD+ 120Hz OLED curved edge panel. The P50 will feature 6.3-inches and will be flat, FHD+ 90Hz panel.

Both models might be powered by variants of the Huawei's own Kirin 9000 chipset.

The P50 is expected to feature a slightly toned down variant of the chip, the Kirin 9000E.

You can watch a few episodes on the Huawei p50 series. And Subscribe over there..

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