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DaVinci Resolve for iPad is now free but..

Updated: Jan 6

Unlike certain significant rivals, DaVinci Resolve's premium capabilities are not available as a subscription, but rather as a single in-app purchase for $94.99. It will gain you access to features such as:

  • Work with files in any quality up to 6K Edit movies at more than 60 frames per second

  • Film Grain Effect

  • Advanced noise cancellation

  • Correction of lens distortion

  • Export videos with stereoscopic 3D automation script capability.

  • Advanced collaboration features for larger groups

  • and plenty additional features

The Black Magic software may be downloaded and used in its entirety for free on ipad as well. In fact, you won't be prompted to pay for the premium until you need to use a function that needs the premium edition, making the app ideal for freelance video editors, vloggers, or YouTubers.

The app also has Black Magic's famed collection of workflows and presets, and it is compatible with Blackmagic Cloud, which means that any projects you began on PC can be brought over — and even completed on iPad just what I did recently. I have a video coming on the Resolve on iPad and how to use to the fullest. This also implies that you can collaborate with people while you're on the road, even if you're working on the same project files.

The DaVinci Resolve iPad software is now available as a 2GB download for all iPads running iPadOS 16 or later and equipped with — at the very least — the A12 Bionic processor. You may download it right now but do keep that in mind it doesn't allow you to edit 4k videos on older iPads as of now thanks to its nature of being resource heavy.


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