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First iPhone 15 Pro Max 6x periscope zoom camera specs leaked

Apple is gearing up for the first iPhone with periscope camera zoom. Galaxy Ultra and Note Flagships from Samsung since the S20 ultra has the 10X periscope zoom camera system with up to 100X Zoom capabilities in total. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, this is the periscope camera specs.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max zoom camera specs

  • up to 6x optical zoom

  • 12MP 1/3" sensor

  • Sensor Shift image stabilization

  • f/2.8 aperture

The reason behind the relatively slow adoption of periscope zoom lens on flagship phones is that the Zoom kit itself is very expensive. For example the current multi-layer 7P lenses that Apple uses for its iPhone camera costs between $1.5 and $2, whereas the periscope kit can reach up to $15 but that too if the initial suppliers yielding rate is good, otherwise the cost of the 5x zoom camera on the 15 Pro Max can hit up to $70, according to Kuo. That also means the iPhone 15 pro max will be more costlier than you might expect.

Apple has been working on an unusual design with two prisms in a periscope zoom system and a stack of lenses between the two. That stack will provide autofocus and may also be configured to do Optical Image Stabilization. The typical periscopes we’ve seen in smartphones in recent years have only one lens and it is also used for OIS purposes, not the lenses that follow it.

According to Apple’s patent, it may offer the possibility of using one or both of the prisms to do OIS. The whole the module is going to be thin (small z-height) and will have f/2.4 or brighter aperture.

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