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Foldable Pixel expected to be released this year says Ross Young

According to wccftech, the Pixel Notepad's display will sport an LTPO backplane which means the foldable display will be an AMOLED display with support of variable 120Hz refresh rate. That means, they display will be able to switch its refresh rate depending on the content.

CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DCSS), Ross Young, posted a tweet on Monday that said, "It's back! Looks like Google's foldable Pixel will start panel production in Q3'22 and launch in Q4'22."

The foldable Pixel is rumored to cost $1,400 which would be $400 cheaper than the current Galaxy Fold. It is also expected to sport a 7.6-inch internal display and will be powered by Google Tensor chipset. We still don’t know about other things like camera specs or RAM and storage. But soon we will get to know everything over time.

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