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Future iPhones & Macs will have insanely big batteries due to next gen chips..

DigiTimes reports that Apple planning to significantly increase the adoption of integrated passive devices (IPDs) for the peripheral chips included inside the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

Why is this actually? These kinda chips will unlock better performance and will be more slimmer in size than current ones so in theory it will take up less space inside the device and which in turn can be used for bigger batteries. It’s not clear right now which products will be the first to use the new chips. it could be a part of TSMC's next-gen 3DFabric technology being aimed for TSMC's 3nm processors that are tentatively scheduled for 2022.

Even the upcoming iPhone 13 will have bigger batteries.

Apple’s iPhone 13 battery capacities are rumoured to be even bigger than than current 12 series because of mainly thicker cassis.

  • iPhone 13 mini — 2,406mAh

  • iPhone 13 — 3,095mAh

  • iPhone 13 Pro — 3,095mAh

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max — 4,352mAh

The iPhone 13 Pro Max will get the biggest upgrade, around 18% upgrade. Which will probably make the iphone 13 pro max the battery champ of all time. For a reference the iPhone 11 Pro Max has 3,969mAh cell & its still a dominant battery champion.

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