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Galaxy Watch 5 battery appears with a bigger capacity

With the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4, we for the first time saw a new platform made by both google and Samsung with many improvements in terms of overall features here and there.

Now the upcoming Galaxy Watch 5’s battery has appeared online in a regulatory filing. It has a bigger capacity than the battery found in the 40mm Galaxy Watch 4.

This is the battery that will be found inside the SM-R900 model of the Galaxy Watch 5.

It has a rated capacity of 276mAh. That’s slightly bigger than the 247mAh battery found inside the current 40mm Galaxy Watch 4. This might also mean that the entire upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 lineup will get a bump in battery capacities.

It was reported recently that the Galaxy Watch 5 may come with a temperature sensor. Which will definitely be great addition to the existing advance features. The Galaxy Watch 5 will enter mass production in Q3 of this year according to rumors. It will be launched alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

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