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Galaxy Z Flip 3 leaked render showing all the angles in full glory

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 is shaping to be one of the best Samsung phones of 2021. We have already seen the leaked design, and most of the changes coming to this phone.

Today’s leak just cleared every doubt on the design.

The renders and their video compilation have leaked online, it looks gorgeous.

The biggest improvement is the noticeably bigger cover display.

It’s going to be much more useful in day to day life.

Right beside the cover display is the revamped camera module.

This phone is also expected to feature 6.7-inch panel with much thinner bezels to make it look way more modern. This year the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will feature some kinda IP rating, which is always a good thing. And ya I forgot, it will be at least 20% cheaper, which is probably will make it more of an mainstream device.

The colour shades that could be offered with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 are:

  • Dark Green

  • Light Violet

  • Beige

  • Grey

  • Black

  • Pink

  • Dark Blue

  • White colour

Samsung will likely unveil the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 together in the first week of August. If you look closely at the date in these freshly leaked Galaxy Z Flip 3 renders, you’ll notice that the cover display shows August 11. This will likely be when the next Samsung Unpacked takes place. We have seen this many times in the past. The release is being rumored for August 27.


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