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Google pixel 6 - it’s Gonna be really interesting to be honest

The Pixel 6 launch is approaching, tipped to be shown at Google IO 2021,

The Google Pixel 6 may feature the ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, according to new information from 9to5Google and XDA Developers' Mishaal Rahman.

We have seen Apple and Samsung flagship phones with this tech and have also been used for the AirTag and SmartTag.

Google is apparently testing support for UWB connectivity on a device codenamed “Raven,” which we know, belongs to the Pixel 6 range.

UWB is a short-range wireless communication protocol a bit like NFC or Bluetooth – it enables devices to talk to each other with great precision.

Right now both Rahman and 9to5Google are saying that UWB technology might not be coming in the Pixel 6 - however It would make sense for Google to put UWB support inside the Pixel 6 though mostly because it has plenty of potential uses in relation to smart home things.

At this point there haven't been any indications that Google is working on some smart device trackers of its own to rival Apple's newly-launched device.

The Google Pixel 6 predictions are now starting to come in quantity… might just be the hint that an official launch is on the way. The larger XL model could be making a return.

Last year, it was reported that Google is on its way to make an in house SoC ready for its 2021 smartphones and 9to5Google reported that the Pixel 6 and 6Xl will be powered by a custom chipset.

The chip is apparently codenamed Whitechapel and it is internally known as the “GS101,” with “GS” understood to be short for “Google Silicon.”

Whitechapel is used alongside the codename “Slider,” the reference that has been found in the Google Camera app.

Slider is a shared platform for Google's first custom SoC. The same “Slider” codename is also used in connection with Samsung's Exynos processors.

Whitechapel was being developed in cooperation with Samsung according to some reports. The chip will likely be manufactured using the samsung’s 5nm process technology. Which is the processing tech used inside snapdragon 888, as well as Samsung’s own Exynos 2100 silicon.

Upcoming Google smartphones codenamed “Raven” and “Oriole,” which are presumed to be the Pixel 6 and 6XL, are the first devices to be built on the “Slider” platform.

The Pixel 5a, codenamed "barbette," will likely stick to a Qualcomm-made chip. Most probably Snapdragon 780G. check out the video.

Definitely it’s Exciting because An in-house chip would give Google greater control over its hardware, Whitechapel is rumored to include an 8-core ARM processor and specialized hardware optimized for the company's machine-learning technology.

A part of the SoC will apparently be dedicated to Google Assistant. Isn’t that too much..

Google may also extend software support for its Pixel phones powered by google silicon.

We are also hearing oppo vivo will also join the custom chipset war with their own solution just because they don’t wanna be the next huawei.

Back to the Pixel 6, there currently isn't a lot of information on the phone, except that it will probably feature an in-display fingerprint reader, as well as facial recognition tech, and its front camera will support 4K video recording. likely feature a top-centered hole punch shooter.

Google also recently said that it wants to target more price segments. So a lot more pixels are on the way.