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Google Pixel Fold might be cancelled for second time

Google May I/O event was packed with hardware showcases, including teasers of products like Pixel Tablet, Pixel watch and AR Glass. Some of them might not even come this year. One rumored device that was not showcases or teased on the event but was rumored for a long time is the foldable phone from the brand, which is rumored to be called, the Pixel Notepad.

This year almost every company will push their foldable devices except Google and Apple.

This device was rumored to feature 7.56inch internal screen and will offer Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro camera system and Tensor Chip. But this was not good enough to compete with the current or upcoming Galaxy Fold devices, at least that’s what Google think.

According to korean publication The Elec, Google is no longer planning to unveil the Pixel Fold during the Q4 of this year. According to past rumors Q4 2022 was the scheduled launch time.

Samsung meanwhile is hoping to increase the foldable shipments, this year too, maybe. Even though it might be a bad news for the Google Pixel fans but still that does not mean Google has given up on then idea of a Pixel Foldable device. It’s always better to have finished product than a half baked product.

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