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Google Pixel Watch will be official much sooner than you might expect

Google recently revamped their OS, with the launch of the Android 12, also launched a revamped Pixel design with the launch of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Even though they also revamped their watch OS, wearOS with the help of Samsung recently but Google have no device to feature their stock look of the new WearOS. Almost a year back we heard and saw ( thanks to Jon Prosser) the renders of the Google Pixel Watch, but it’s launch got delayed so many times. But according to new tweet by him, long-awaited Google Pixel Watch is expected to be released sometime this year.

Last month Jon even posted some marketing slides of the device. Originally, he said to expect the watch to be unveiled at the same time as the Pixel 6 line, which could have made more sense but that didn't happen.

Now, According to Jon Prosser Google will make the Pixel Watch official on Thursday, May 26. Which means the introduction could take place during the Google I/O event.

Just like how they showcase new and unique feature of the Pixel handsets,they will do the same for Wear OS powered Pixel Watch. While not much is known about the specs of the watch, but based on the past renders and leaked press images, it will be round and curvy watch. There is a crown on the right side of the watch. To be honest it will look the best of all the watches on the market right now. While we can't talk about what kinda health-related features will be found on the watch but it will surely gonna feature some. We have seen some of the watch faces as well, which look really good on that curvy watch. But because it will be based on the wearOS platform no one will have to worry about watch faces ever.

The Pixel Watch from Google will be a proper Apple Watch and Galaxy watch competitor. Will it be under Fitbit branding? Well we haven’t heard anything like that, but Pixel Watch name will make it more Google watch than any other name.

In November 2019, Google parent Alphabet announced that it would spend $2.1 billion to buy Fitbit and said that it hoped the acquisition would help improve Wear OS. After the launch of the new WearOS made in collaboration with Samsung, which has much more potential than ever, its now time for Google to finally release a smart watch worthy of Pixel Brand. At the same time it will grow Google Pixel Ecosystem.