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Google’s Android will allow you to opt out of app tracking like IOS

With iOS 14.5, Apple introduced the option to opt out of ad-related tracking(ATT). now, Bloomberg reports that Google has a similar feature planned for Android phones as well.

Google’s approach is different from Apple. Like how you might disable ad-related tracking. While on iPhone, running iOS 14.5 or higher, you can use the button “Ask app not to track” for specific apps you don’t want to track the places you visit, Google will reportedly have a toggle that will allow you to disable the tracking altogether, Not a pop-up for each individual app, rather you will be able to opt-out completely of all ad-tracking, for all the apps you have.

This option will come as a part of Google Play services update in late 2021.

Earlier, it was reported that Google was hesitant to bring this feature to Android phones due to the results it could bring to its own advertising business which is a really profitable one. But now it seems Google will do it anyway.

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