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Hands-on images of Pixel 7a Prototype unit reveal resemblance to the Pixel 7

Updated: Jan 6

Even though Google's upcoming a series phone, the Pixel 7a, is at least five months away, photographs of the DVT (Design Validation Test) unit have already surfaced online.

It's not surprising that the Pixel 7a DVT model resembles the Pixel 7 because Google's midrange phones are toned down versions of their flagship counterparts. Just like the pixel 7 series devices, the pixel 7a has a very similar overall design, but compared to the Pixel 6a some adjustments have been made, like a full metal camera bar with pill shaped cutouts for the sensors.

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Speaking of which, contrary to what several rumours claimed, the phone just has a twin camera configuration, not a triple camera array with a telephoto lens. The images are consistent with other leaks of renders, thus it doesn't appear likely that the Pixel 7a will sport a telephoto lens at this time. The Pixel 7a was also rumoured to sport a ceramic body, however it doesn't appear like this is the case but rather plastic build. But at least it will come with wireless charging(5watt max).

A step up from the Pixel 6a device's 12.2MP main camera and a 12MP ultrawide sensor, the phone is anticipated to have a 64MP primary sensor and a 13MP ultrawide camera.

Other alleged upgrades include a smoother 90Hz screen, and support for Bluetooth LE Audio for higher-quality audio. The Google Tensor G2 chip will likely also power the phone.

ShrimpApplePro, a leaker, shared the Pixel 7a DVT images on Twitter after discovering them in a Vietnamese Facebook group. DVT unit means the final design and development unit. In simple words, Google has locked the Pixel 7a's design. The rumoured Pixel 7a prototype closely resembles the Obsidian Pixel 7, but we are gonna see a Snow White color variant as well. But we still don’t have idea about if there would be more color options or not.


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