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Honor on the entity list too?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

As you know, back in 2019 Huawei was placed on the entity list which prevented the firm from accessing its U.S. suppliers including Google. A year later changing export rules U.S. blocked Huawei from getting any modern smartphone chips from companies that are using U.S. techs to manufacture those chips. The U.S. continues to consider Huawei a national security threat. Huawei equipment to build out 5G networks is a big no in USA.

Last year, to prevent its sub-brand Honor from having to face the same restrictions that the U.S. placed on it, Huawei sold off the Honor brand for a reported $15 billion. So Honor is free from Huawei and that means that it no longer is prevented from using the Google Mobile Services version of Android,they recently launched few phones with GMS Support.

According to The Washington Post, four U.S. security agencies are deciding whether or not Honor should also be placed on the entity list. If no decision can be reached, the final decision on whether to place Honor on the entity list will belong to President Biden. In the case of Huawei Even though most of people thought the opposite but it seems that the Biden administration has no plan on relaxing U.S. policy towards Huawei anytime soon.

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