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Intel will build chips for Qualcomm & trying to rival TSMC, Samsung

What Intel was once in the World of chip making, now Taiwan's TSMC, Samsung is. These two are the top contract foundries in the world. But according Reuters reports, Intel will start producing chips for other companies such as Qualcomm and Amazon. They will become a proper competitor to TSMC and Samsung by 2025.

Both the TSMC & Samsung produce chips for other brands like AMD, Apple, Qualcomm etc. Their latest creations are the 5nm process nodes based apple M1, A14 and Qualcomm snapdragon 888 & exynos 2100 and have roadmaps down to 2nm.

As early as 2025, Intel will get its hands on ASML's next-generation extreme ultraviolet lithography (EVL) machines. This machine is important because it needs to produce extremely thin lines as it will have to pack more transistors inside the components.

More transistor per square mm means more powerful and more energy-efficient chip. Intel will reveal a design for transistors smaller than 1nm by 2024. It’s still a promise at this point, only time will tell if Intel will be able to deliver.

The companies that are gonna be the first customers are Qualcomm for their Snapdragon chips and Amazon for the data center chips used for its Amazon Web Services. It will be interesting to see.

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