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Kuo: 2022 iPhone SE Will Be the 'Cheapest 5G iPhone Ever'

According to Ming-Chi Kuo Apple is planning to launch an updated version of the iPhone SE 2020 in the first half of 2022

The design of the new iPhone SE will be "roughly the same" as the existing one. Kuo says that upgrades are 5G support and processor upgrade.

According to him Apple will market this as "Cheapest 5G iPhone Ever." The most affordable ‌iPhone‌ with 5G right now is the iPhone 12 mini. Rumours saying that the production of the iPhone 12 mini already stopped due to low sales figure.

There have been rumors of an "‌iPhone SE‌ Plus" with a larger display and a Touch ID on power button, but i haven't heard new details about it.

Kuo also previously said that Apple is developing a new version of the iPhone 11 with a 6-inch LCD, Face ID support, updated processor and 5G.

Maybe it will be named as iphone SE plus.

First half of 2022 is the time for the next iPhone SE.

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