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Leaked Pixel 6 launch date was fake?

A few days ago, a Chinese Weibo leaker reported that Google's upcoming flagship, the pixel 6 series would be officially announced on September 13, a day before Apple's rumoured iPhone 13 event.

The leaked pixel 6 event date, spread all over the internet is in fact, fake. According to Jon Prosser who is very much accurate at least in terms of Google pixel leaks, has just proposed a new date for the Pixel 6 launch.

According to FrontPageTech report, the "real" date is October 28 that is literally over a month away. Pre-orders are set to kick off on October 19. It might as well be the official Pixel 6 event date. Definitely October date does seem a way more logical than the September one. Cause I don’t think Google wanna mess up the pixel 6 launch at all. You know what Google is very serious this time.

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