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Massive jump in foldable shipments in next 2 years will benefit Samsung

According to the latest report from research from Canalys the Foldable smart phone shipments are expected to cross 30 million units in the next two years. It’s definitely great news for any Samsung fan.

Going by the forecast, the foldable smartphone shipment is expected to increase by 53% annually in the next 2 years. The foldable smartphones shipment in 2021 was only 8.9 million units so just imagine 31.84 million units in 2024.

Love it or not Samsung is the one to be given credit here. The original galaxy fold had too many issues but then Samsung fixed everything with the launch of the galaxy Z fold 2 but last year with the launch of the galaxy Z Fold 3 and a Z flip 3 Samsung nailed everything almost.

Samsung will face intense competition from brands like Huawei, OPPO, Motorola and even Google with their Pixel Notepad. But the first mover advantage will always ensure Samsung a Good market share.

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