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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 photos leaked

The Surface Duo was one of the most interesting devices ever but it had so much of flaws. So it was least successful devices of 2020 as well.

Images revealed by Windows Central is showing the the next-gen surface Duo.

It seems The Surface Duo 2 will retain the same dual-screen design of the original one, probably even the same hinge at least visually, only this time it also includes a new triple-camera setup on the rear, Most probably a main camera paired with ultra-wide and telephoto shooters.

The camera module is massive and looks like some oneplus camera modules. It’s coupled with the usual LED flash and what could be a laser autofocus system.

But because the phone itself is really thin, the bump is even bigger looking than it should. Hopefully the camera quality will be better. But in my eyes, this camera module will serve less purpose and will create more troubles.

The Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is scheduled to ship in either September or October 2021.

Specs are unknown at this point but hopefully it will be powered by at least Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888. And will feature much better display with less bezels.

It's unclear how much the device will cost, but not $1,399 like the original did.

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