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Next Samsung Galaxy Event announced for 28th of June

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Samsung has announced that it will be holding a Galaxy Event for MWC (Mobile World Congress) on the 28th of June. For obvious reasons, Mobile World Congress 2021 has been moved from Q1 to late Q2-early Q3 this year.

The event will be a virtual event as Samsung is not attending Mobile World Congress 2021. The South Korean smartphone maker revealed it will host a virtual Samsung Galaxy session on June 28 (19:15 CET / 10:15 PST / 13:15 EST).

At the event, Samsung will be showcasing how the Galaxy ecosystem will enrich people’s lifestyles. Samsung will also be unveiling its vision for the future of smartwatches for both developers and users. The company will be sharing its latest security enhancements and innovations designed to give users protection in the world of internet.

Because it's a “Galaxy” event, we also expect Samsung to unveil the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Galaxy S21 FE.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy MWC virtual event will be live-streamed next week on YouTube, on the company's official channel.

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