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One of the Google Pixel 8's most significant improvements might be the primary camera.

In terms of cameras, the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro made several notable advancements this year, including a 21% wider ultra-wide camera with auto focus and an enhanced zoom range and image quality while shooting at various magnification levels. In light of the fact that new technology soon becomes dated in this quick-moving sector, we are already anticipating the release of the Pixel 8 series, which will be the next Google flagship.

To be completely honest, it is far too early to make any predictions regarding Google's upcoming flagship phone range, but the first piece of information has already surfaced online. Kuba Wojciechowski, a leaker/developer who has a history of reporting impending camera system updates, has delved through the Google Camera Go app and found signs that the Pixel 8 series may provide superior HDR performance. How? through a feature known as staggered HDR support.

Staggered HDR: What is it?

In 2021, staggered high dynamic range (HDR), a quicker and more effective method of shooting evenly-exposed photographs, was first offered to high-end phones. Staggered HDR allows phone cameras to quickly take a short, medium, and long exposure image, which has two key advantages: improved overall exposure, and less photo blur.

In contrast, the Pixel 7 series employs HDR+ with bracketing, which captures a total of five rapid short exposures before the user taps the display's shutter button, and one long exposure image thereafter.

The Developer claims that the possibility of staggered HDR capability might indicate the arrival of a brand-new primary camera sensor for the Pixel 8 series, specifically Samsung's Isocell GN2 (which supports staggered HDR). It wouldn't be shocking if that were the case considering that Google and Samsung now have a strong commercial partnership, especially given that the current Pixel phones have the Isocell GN1 sensors in them.

The GN2 would deliver more than just improved HDR, though. Due to its Dual Pixel Pro technology and bigger pixel size, the Samsung GN2 image sensor also offers improved autofocusing and greater image quality in low-light situations.

At this time of the release, there may also be a significant modification in the design of the phone.


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