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Pixel 5a is the first ever pixel to feature this big battery

Multiple leaks have said that the Pixel 5a official release is going to happen really soon. This device, even though it’s the successor to the pixel 4a 5G but its not that different from the predecessor both in terms of design and specs. Now, Android Police has posted real life images of most of the components of the device.

The images showing the Pixel 5a fully at least from the back and it matches to the leaked renders. The images suggest that the headphone jack is still here and still has a bright coloured power button.

The alleged Pixel 5a specs include a 6.4-inches screen, Snapdragon 765 processor, IP67 rating and a giant 4680mAh capacity. That's much more than the 3800mAh on the 4a. Which will definitely make it last way longer. If you don’t know this is the biggest battery on any pixel phone till today and it will be released on August 26 will be announced on August 17. It will only be available in the US and Japan.

Per an earlier leak, the Pixel 5a will cost $450.

Expect only one colour JUST BLACK.

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