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Pixel Tags coming with the 5G Pixel 6 series?

9to5Google has spotted a comment in the AOSP Gerrit that confirms that the UltraWideBand chip might be packet inside the new Pixels.

Ultra-wideband technology is a radio technology that is put to use with location finding gadgets like the Apple AirTag and Samsung SmartTag. The tags can be put pretty much anywhere and their batteries last a whole year. We have seen Apple and Samsung flagship phones with this tech and have also been used for the AirTag and SmartTag.

The AOSP found by 9to5Google for the Pixel 6 series specifically mentions UWB but its still unknown if Google is developing a Smart tag that will challenge Apple's AirTags and Samsung's SmartTags, but there’s a big possibility that Big G might just do it, as we have heard that they are trying to have a good ecosystem of products around The upcoming Pixel 6 lineup just like Apple.

The new handsets will probably be introduced in October. We are eagerly waiting.

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